Morgan E. Simms, M.S.


Areas of Expertise

  • Coastal and nearshore sediment transport

  • Impact of coastal structures on shoreline response

  • Physical environmental impact assessments for coastal environments

  • Dredged material evaluations; Lithologic logging

  • Coastal change assessments and sediment budgets


2011  M.S., Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, SUNY Stony Brook
2009  B.S., Geology, College of William and Mary

Professional Registration

Professional Geologist (PA)

Ms. Simms joined the Applied Coastal team in 2018 with five years experience on dredged material management, port maintenance,  beach nourishment and coastal structure designs,  hydrodynamic and sediment transport evaluations, and environmental studies required for permitting of coastal projects.  She has extensive field experience evaluating impacted marine environments and is well-versed in analytical and numerical techniques for evaluating coastal, estuarine, and salt marsh processes. 

Project Experience

North Humarock Mixed Sediment Berm Nourishment, North Humarock Beach, Scituate, Massachusetts

The Town of Scituate suffers extensive flood damage along many of its east-facing beaches and ongoing threats to public and private infrastructure continue to be a major concern for the Town, as long-term coastal erosion and relative sea level rise in the coming decades will continue to exacerbate regional storm damage.  A mixed-sediment (cobble, gravel, and sand) berm and elevated road were designed along North Humarock Beach to provide storm protection and increased shoreline resilience.  

Annual St. Lucie Inlet Monitoring and Data Analysis, St. Lucie Inlet, Martin County, Florida

Annual bathymetric and beach surveys of St. Lucie Inlet and its down-drift beaches were performed and evaluated in accordance with the inlet management plan. The bathymetric survey of the inlet was analyzed to evaluate annual bathymetric changes in the inlet and to monitor the infilling of the impoundment basin. Additionally, the annual beach survey was analyzed to monitor accretion and erosion of the beach where dredged material was placed to determine sand migration and impact that  nourished material is having on hardbottom reefs close to the shoreline.

Selected Publications

Gelinas, M., J. Rapaglia, H. Bokuniewicz, and K. Lwiza, 2012. Sediment resuspension by ship wakes in the Venice Lagoon. Journal of Coastal Research, 29: 8-17.

Rapaglia, J., L. Zaggia, K. Ricklefs, M. Gelinas, and H. Bokuniewicz, 2011. Characteristics of ships’ depression waves and associated sediment resuspension in Venice Lagoon, Italy. Journal of Marine Systems, 85: 45-56.