Matthew B. Doelp, M.C.E., E.I.T.


Areas of Expertise

  • Coastal processes analyses
  • Numerical modeling of nearshore hydrodynamics
  • Measurement of currents, waves, and tides
  • Beach survey techniques and data visualization


2018 M.C.E. Civil (Coastal) Engineering, University of Delaware
2015 B.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland – College Park

Professional Registration

Engineer in Training, MA

Mr. Doelp joined the team at Applied Coastal in 2018 after completing his Masters degree in coastal engineering from University of Delaware. His research focused on "Surf Zone Injury Along the Delaware Atlantic-Fronting Coast: Quantification, Prediction, and Directed Awareness". Other project experience included deploying drifters in and around Indian River Inlet at Delaware Seashore State Park to evaluate circulation patterns, deploying current and sediment concentration measuring devices during a field campaign to measure and quantify the mobility and burial of surrogate and inert smart munitions in the swash zone, and developing a probabilistic Bayesian model to predict hazardous conditions to bathers along the Delaware coast.

Mr. Doelp's project experience at Applied Coastal has focused on hydrodynamic modeling of flows in New Bedford Harbor to better understand the spatial and temporal characteristics of currents in and around the entrance channel. Results are expected to provide guidance to mariners entering and exiting the harbor.

Selected Publications

Doelp, M.B., J.A. Puleo, and N. Plant, (In Review). Probabilistic modeling and evaluation of surf zone injury occurrence along the Delaware coast. Natural Hazards.

Doelp, M.B. and J.A. Puleo, 2018. Characterizing surf zone injuries from the five most populated beaches on the Atlantic-fronting Delaware coast. The American Journal of Emergency Medicine.