North Scituate Beach Nourishment Project

North Scituate.png

Applied Coastal personnel were asked to provide technical expertise regarding the design of a beach nourishment project for North Scituate Beach in Scituate, Massachusetts. Analysis of shoreline change for was completed for historical shorelines derived from maps, aerial photography, and a GPS shoreline survey. To determine the local sediment transport pathways, an in-depth scientific analysis was performed to quantitatively evaluate wave and long-shore sediment transport processes that influence sand movement along the North Scituate Beach shoreline. The results of the analysis were extended to modeling the performance of several beach nourishment options. Along with a sediment sampling program to characterize the existing beach conditions, the analysis found that a mixed-sediment (sand and cobble) beach would provide a longer design life than sand alone. Results were used as the basis for further design and permitting of the project.

beach nourishment, North Scituate, Massachusetts, shoreline change, GPS, sediment transport, Scituate