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Applied Coastal offers a multi-dimensional approach to analysis of problems in the coastal environment, including the field measurement of existing conditions, computer simulation using advanced numerical models, and advanced analysis techniques to synthesize information essential for successful engineering design, resource management, and planning. The measurement of ocean currents, tides, and waves provides a critical first step in evaluating physical processes. Employing a variety of observational tools, from traditional oceanographic sensors to newly emerging technologies, Applied Coastal services span initial program design and specification, testing and integration of instrument systems, field data collection procedures, as well as data processing, quality assurance, and advanced numerical analyses. Our approach emphasizes reliability of results, using appropriate sensors in the hands of experienced operators to maximize the quality of collected information.

In addition to the collection of ocean data, Applied Coastal uses advanced numerical techniques to synthesize essential information from raw observations. Analysis techniques include tidal harmonic analysis, time series analysis including spectral decomposition, as well as advanced frequency-domain filtering. These techniques are used to distinguish relevant processes from the overall signal, identifying important features of often-complex systems. The results allow Applied Coastal personnel to understand underlying physical processes influencing the ocean environment and to use the results to predict future impacts on marine activities.


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ENSR, Hyannis Marina, Olsen Associates, Inc, Parsons Brinkerhoff, UMASS Dartmouth (SMAST), Battelle Memorial Institute

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