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 Coastal Engineering




Elizabeth A. Hunt
Scientific Data Analyst

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Areas of Expertise
  Digital data compilation from historical maps
Literature and information research
Preparation of project reports, presentations, and proposals
Marine field data collection
Analysis of coastal response data sets

1987, B.S., Pathobiology, University of Connecticut

Ms. Hunt is a Scientific Data Analyst at Applied Coastal Research and Engineering, Inc.  Since joining Applied Coastal in 1999, she has performed digital data compilation tasks in support of regional coastal change assessments.  Ms. Hunt also has been responsible for literature and information research for technical reports related to physical oceanographic processes, technical presentations, and proposal efforts.  In addition, she is responsible for information and data management associated with projects.  Ms. Hunt also assists with field data collection efforts.

For 11 years, Ms. Hunt was a Research Technician for the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.  Her position was specific to the field of microbiology in the Laboratory of Aquatic Animal Medicine and Pathology at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.  During this time, Ms. Hunt assisted the aquatic veterinarians with the daily operations of a clinical and research marine laboratory.  Her responsibilities included assisting in the development of a biochemical identification scheme for marine bacteria, identification of clinical marine bacterial isolates to genus, the assembly and maintenance of an ATCC control bacterial library, preparation and development of bacterial media suitable for a marine environment, assisting with daily marine animal necropsies, and assisting with medical treatments of ill animals.  Another aspect of her position included assisting with data management through computer usage of software programs, assisting with literature searches, and preparation of basic histology slides for use by the pathologist.

         In the fall of 1993, Ms. Hunt attended a course on Environmental Law and Regulations offered by the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.  This course was designed to introduce the student to law as it applies to protection of the environment. 

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