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St. Lucie Technical Advisory Committee - Martin County, FL

As part of the Army Corps of Engineers General Design Memorandum (GDM) for St. Lucie Inlet, a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) was created to provide local input regarding planned modifications to inlet features.

The TAC provided design recommendations to the Army Corps, as well as ranking the importance of each feature for mitigating downdrift impacts and navigation issues. Specifically, the TAC outlined design parameters for the impoundment basin, the north jetty, the south jetty, sand disposal options, the utility of a fixed transfer plant, and modifications to the navigation channel. Because transfer of sand from the north side of the inlet to Jupiter Island was the primary concern of the GRR, the redesign of the north jetty and the impoundment basin was the primary focus of the Army Corps. The TAC provided technical information to optimize the design size of the impoundment basin, as well as the limits of the proposed weir section and sand-tightening of the jetty. In addition to north jetty considerations, lengthening of the south jetty was considered. However, placement of dredged sand beyond the inlet?s ?zone of influence? might reduce or eliminate this shoaling problem. Therefore, improvements to the south jetty were assigned a low priority.

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