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Coastal Structure Design Guidance, Georges Island

A study of shoreline change and the wave climate of Georges Island in Boston Harbor was performed to determine shore protection requirements as part of an effort to rehabilitate the sea walls and revetments that circumscribe the island and historic Fort Warren. An analysis of extreme waves and winds was performed to develop design wave conditions separately for the ocean- and southwest-facing portions of the island. The eastern half of the island has exposure to open ocean waves. An extremal analysis of USACE Wave Information Study (WIS) data was performed to determine the design wave climate for the ocean facing shoreline. For the leeside, southwest shoreline, design wave heights were determined by performing wind-wave growth computations using the wind-wave applet of the ACES software package. Analyses of storm wave overtopping and armor stone sizing were performed for selected sections of the Georges Island shoreline. The goal of the design was to enhance the performance of dilapidated sections of the shore protection works where the existing structures were in workable condition. New structures were designed for areas with inadequate or non-existent protection measures. The recommended solutions included new stone revetments in some sections and crest walls to reduce overtopping volumes. The shoreline analysis was used to determine historical change in shoreline position around the island. The analysis indicated that sediment losses in the vicinity of the walls have been at a very small rate.

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