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Morphologic Analysis of Inlet Shoals and Adjacent Shoreline Response, Grays Harbor, WA

Applied Coastal personnel were contracted by the USACE to compile, analyze, and interpret historical changes in morphology, sand volume, and movement of shoal deposits at the entrance to Grays Harbor and along the shoreline adjacent to the entrance based on bathymetric surveys, aerial photography, and coastal processes/sediment transport principles. Approximately 30 historical shoreline and bathymetric surveys were identified for analysis of long-term sediment transport patterns at the entrance. Survey data were digitized and analyzed within a GIS format. Bathymetric suface model comparisons are being used to document volume changes and identify sediment transport pathways to formulate a sediment budget for the area.

It is expected that the sediment budget and quantified rates of change (i.e., sediment transport) will be integrated with numerical and physical model results to clarify sediment transport processes and rates along the beach north of the north jetty, into the entrance area, and eventually to the navigation channel. This information is expected to provide guidance regarding historical channel sedimentation trends and future maintenance dredging requirements.

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