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Web-based MetOcean Data Archival and Visualization System

Applied Coastal developed a Web-based data organization and visualization system to provide Unocal engineers with a simple means of accessing MetOcean data collected in various regions throughout the world. This system employs a Web-based database information management system into which all MetOcean data have been organized. Unocal engineers can link to the database using standard Web browsers (i.e., Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer) to locate data set(s) of interest.

By clicking on geographic maps (to zoom in on specific regions of interest), or entering data queries by data type or time period, the user is able visualize graphically MetOcean data of interest to obtain needed information. Options for data viewing include tables of statistics, time series graphs, and color-contoured panels. Also, the data can be downloaded to the user PC for entry into other applications for subsequent analysis.

The program is designed such that future data sets as well as visualization applications can be added easily. The system resides on a dedicated server sitting on the Internet backbone, assuring maximum access speed. This web-based system was developed using the LINUX operating system utilizing standard off-the-shelf software modules such as MySQL and Matlab.

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